mommyfuckedmybully: On the first night of your honeymoon you…


On the first night of your honeymoon you and your husband went down to the cocktail lounge in the lobby.

Immediately a guy came up to you and started hitting on you. Your husband is non-confrontational but basically laughed with him and made an off hand joke like, “oh, gunna try to steal my wife on the first night of our honeymoon?!” This didn’t go over as well as your husband would have liked.

The man grabbed the beer out of your husband’s hands and dumped it on your husband’s. He stood there and did nothing. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m going to do”, he said “and you’re not going to do shit about it, are you?”

Your husband told you that you both should leave, but for some reason you loved seeing him pathetic and helpless. “C’mon honey, let’s go”, he pleaded to you but you loved the power you had over him. 

“You shouldn’t have insulted him, dear”, you said dryly and turned back to your suitor.  “Sorry about my husband”, you said. “Can I make it up to you in any way.”

That’s when your husband lost his mind, “Oh my god, you’re going to hit on another man on the first night of our honeymoon?? Are you going to take him back to the room and cheat on me with him too???”

Again, you made him look like an idiot. “Honey, you have some serious jealousy issues that we should address right now. Besides, it isn’t cheating if you’re in the room watching.”

At this point you turned to the man who was hitting on you. “How would you like to take your cock and shove it into my dripping wet pussy right now?”

Your husband started to tremble and shake as all 3 of you stood up and started making you way back to your honeymoon suite.

When you got there, he didn’t waste anytime.  His cock was way bigger than your husbands, and you made sure your husband knew it.

“Honey, look at the size of his cock!”, you exclaimed.  “It’s good that you learn right here and now; my pussy isn’t your property and sometimes I’m going to need something big to satisfy it.”

For the next couple of hours your husband sat in the corner, silent, with watery eyes, watching the woman of his dreams getting fucked by the man who humiliated him only a few minutes earlier.